World First GME965 Core 2 Duo

AR-ES5630FL is a fanless design embedded box computer, with form factor 165x251x67 mm (DxWxH), Its advanced thermal heat-sink module design with heat-pipe efficiently vent the high temperature heat from Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz and make system cool remain its perfect computing performance. The high performance throughput makes AR-ES5630FL system easily be applied in every application such as gaming, gambling, high-end multimedia, POS/POI/Kiosk and Digital Signage,..etc.
With Programmable 1~255 seconds watch dog timer, RTC, boot from LAN features make customer applications more reliable and easy to maintain, single DC12V power supply makes installation simplicity.With PCI-104 expansion slot, customer can easily add on expansion card for their various applications.
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